April 13, 2012

IV Chronicles - {23 weeks}

Earlier this evening, after le husband returned from his work trip, I caught him taking a second glance at my belly as I walked by him. 

He said something to the effect of..."you look really pregnant."

Apparently my belly grew an enormous amount in four days. 

Nothing really new to report. Just a blazing amount of heartburn and a couple meltdowns over my clothes no longer fitting.


I'm quickly learning the way to my daughter's heart is through anything pink and sparkly. She's currently having a love affair with a new pair of shoes.




  1. Okay, I know it's probably just be because I'm so short waisted (and because I eat 24 hours a day) but seriously....you look awesome! So incredible. Yes, super awesome incredible.

  2. you look so great! and also, congrats on baby #4 being a baby girl!! i usually read blogs on my iPad and always have trouble commenting from there. anyways, yay!! congrats :)



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