April 12, 2012

I'm not dead.

I know I sort of declared this space to be a sunshine and roses sort of spot, where I focus on the good and let go of the tough moments..

But y'all..

Three kids and a sick dog (let me reiterate...coming out of both ends on my white carpet for TWO days) and a husband who is away for work have made for a decidedly hellish 48 hours. 

Thankfully, we are on the upswing. And I'm no longer up to my elbows in dog vomit.


Linking up with Em this week for Embrace the Camera..

I haven't even come close to touching my real camera in the last few days, so Instagram it is!

Happy Thursday! 


  1. The shit always has to hit the fan when the husbands travel, am I right? You look beautiful and Olivia looks just like you!!

  2. Even up to your elbows in dog vomit, you still look FANTASTIC! :)

  3. I second that... things always get all body-fluid gross when my husband is out of town too! SO pretty.

  4. Man, do you look good for the kind of week your having. Hope it gets better quick!



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