April 01, 2012

15 months of Remy.

Oh dear.

15 whole months?!


I thought today would be a perfect day to talk about our dear, sweet Remy. Especially since I spent half the day up to my elbows in diaper rash cream and blow out diapers. Motherhood is a blast sometimes.

Remember back when Remy was a wee lad and I boldly declared that he was the most laid back, well behaved little guy ever?

Yeah, scratch that.

And I thought because he was such an easygoing baby that the transition into toddlerhood would be painless.

Wrong again.

Homeboy. is. a. terrorist. He's like the love child of the Tasmanian Devil and Spiderman. I can't think of any other way to describe it. But...

He is so dang cute that anything and everything he does makes us all bust out into a chorus of "awwww's." And he babbles. Good Lord, does he babble on endlessly. His favorite words are Dad, Owen, cheese, and bye bye. 

If he sees older brother or sister go outside to play, he'll quickly find the nearest shoes and bring them to me as if to say, "c'mon woman, let's go!" He still loves to eat. Even if he just ate a four course meal, he will still try to steal my food right out of my hand. And forget trying to hold him. He is entirely too busy for that and will immediately start to fidget his way out of your arms the moment you pick him up.

The past six weeks or so have been a real eye opener for me when it comes to the reality I'll be facing in a few months. Trying to wrangle Indiana Jones here and taking care of the needs of a newborn. But for right now, I am loving every messy, tantrum filled, joyful moment with this guy.


  1. He is so precious!! I love his sweet blonde curls!!

  2. Aaaw, toddlers are fun and EXHAUSTING! I love my little guy who is 21 mos old today. It just flew by...and now the second birthday is right around the corner. And you described so many cute things that I see daily too! The language is really fun. The other day he brought me a toy with a Santa hat and said "Santa"...we never even hyped Santa up because we thought there was no way he would get it! They are so fun at these ages.:) Love the pics, he has some gorgeous eyes!



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