March 28, 2012

Not Wordless Wednesday.

The hours between 3PM and 7PM are always a little dicey for me. (and probably for most moms!)

Depending on the day, we're running from one place to the next, dropping kids off at activities, trying to get dinner cooked and keeping Remy from hurling himself down the stairs.

So, yesterday after picking up one kid at one school, crossing town to pick up another, crossing town again to get to karate, trudging up two LONG flights of steps with a wiggly baby on my hip and trying to keep pace with two energetic kids, I practically collapsed into my chair in the dojo waiting area. 

And it wasn't especially surprising that a lady, I'm sure meaning well, looked at me and said, " look exhausted!"

Maybe I should have been offended. I mean, yesterday was a good day energy wise compared to others. But instead, I surprised even myself by responding, "yep, I am but happily so." With a big smile.

Because I am. I am tired. I am busy. I do have my hands full. But good God, I am so content with life right now, it's hard to wipe the grin off my face. 

Sure, I had to stop and get up no less than four times while trying to type the above words. One kid needs lunch money. One is banging his head against a wall (hard!) and giggling. The dog needs to be let in. The little princess has awoken and is seemingly angry with life and needs hugs.

I don't sit down much from the hours of 6AM-8PM. I rarely get to pee alone. I can't remember the last time I watched anything other than Nick Jr. during daylight hours. Children yell at me like angry wolves when they're hungry. And a certain little man needs twice daily baths to get the food out of his hair.

My mom gave me some really good advice back when I first contemplated staying at home:

If you're a stay at home mom to small children and you're consistently bored, then you're doing it wrong. There is always something to be done. A counter that can be wiped. A child that can be tickled and played with. A meal to cook. A garden that can be tended to. Boredom is a choice. Choose to be busy.

And so I choose to be exhausted. Happily.


A mere 24 hours until we get to see our beautiful baby IV on the ultrasound screen! I'm thinking it's a girl. Husband swears boy. Winner makes dinner tomorrow night!

Happy Wednesday!

(All images in this post are via Instagram. Follow me! looksnaplove is my username.)


  1. I love your blog Jess.

    That is all:)

  2. LOVE! And I agree with Amy. Amazing blog.

  3. I got $5 on Livi beating the wall with her head!

  4. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed this post!!

  5. Boredom is something I haven't experienced in a very long choice! Love this post :)

    And yes, I voted girl too!

  6. I haven't experienced boredom in forever! Im always running around with Judah I have no idea what moms do with more than one! Its my biggest fear for having another. What am I going to do with two or more! :-)

    oh ps you don't look exhausted, your glowing you look beautiful

  7. You pretty much summed up my day. I am actually surprised I even have a moment to comment on this! I ADORED the pic of him all covered in food!

  8. With my daughter - our first - when she was 8 months and I decided to stay-home. I made a file of things to do - play groups, activities, library reading times. I was so scared to be bored. I laugh at that now. There is not a day that goes by where I don't wonder where the time went. With number two I know that the day will go even faster. I sleep better at night than I ever did - except when my daughter wakes me up... he he. I can't wait to hear what your having!



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