March 26, 2012

Crap and babies.

(I wrote this little nugget of wisdom a couple months ago and it has been sitting in my drafts folder waiting to be finished. After a conversation I had on Sunday, it only felt right to publish it. Unfinished and all.)

Let me preface this whole entry by saying that there will be some of you who don't agree with me. There will be some of you who will say "but I loved my diaper genie, wipe warmer, etc..etc and can't imagine my life without it.."

To each their own.

Let me be 100% honest. I get a gnarly case of the wants every so often. Trying to avoid the whole "keeping with the Joneses" nonsense that seems to have taken over my generation is difficult. And it's damn near impossible to avoid when it comes to pregnancy and having a new baby. I mean, hello! There's an entire multi-million (billion?) dollar industry devoted to making new moms feel like they NEED to buy thousands of dollars of crap in order to be a good parent. Yes, I called it crap. Because most of it is.

Well, your baby doesn't need so much crap.

(...and that was all I wrote.)


Sunday afternoon, I started in on le husband about NEEDING another crib. There will only be a nineteen month age gap between the last two kids and God knows Remy's little wild butt will not be ready for a toddler bed by July and so on and so forth.

Le husband, ever the voice of reason, very calmly asks, "but won't this baby stay in the portable crib in our room for at least six months?"



We don't need another crib. By the time this baby is ready for a crib, Remy will be ready for a big boy bed. If I would have just stopped and used my brain for a second I would have recalled that little detail.

So after some back and forth discussion, we concluded that the only things we need for this new baby will be diapers, a double stroller, and if baby IV is of the female persuasion, a little bit of clothing.

That's it. 

Our baby doesn't need a bunch of crap. Sometimes I just need a little reminder.


  1. I totally agree that our babies don't need all these things BUT some of that crap does make my life easier sometimes! However, after an 8 year pregnancy gap I'm a little shocked to see that I'll be practically broke after I buy everything we "need" for the baby. When I had Anjolie, baby monitors consisted of a two piece walkie-talkie like system. Now they're motioned censored, temperature monitoring, $200-$300 pieces of technology. Really? My house isn't that big. Even diaper bags. I think I may have paid $30 max for a nice diaper bag for Anjolie. To get the same quality now, I'll pay double. I did a little research after reading this. The current estimate is that the baby product industry will bring in around 8.1 Billion dollars this year that's not including pregnancy related "services" Hello 4D ultrasounds. I think I may be in the wrong business!!

    1. 8.1 billion?! Holy jeez! And I can relate when it comes to monitors. I really thought we were going to need one with Remy (especially with the house being two stories) but we ended up passing on it b/c I couldn't find anything that wasn't full of bells and whistles.

  2. I'm with ya, girl. I wrote a whole post once about how gross and useless diaper genies are and how I'm sad I got sucked in with my first. Never again!

  3. I much stuff is just not needed!




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