March 07, 2012

A little sunshine.

I woke up this morning, just like yesterday, feeling really under the weather. That's the only way to describe it. Generally unwell. Slightly nauseous, sore, and so tired I could barely lift my eyelids.

"Not today," I thought.

I dragged my cranky butt through the motions this morning. Getting kids fed and dressed, laundry, making beds.

And then..

I noticed the inexplicably warm sun streaming through the living room windows.

"Get your shoes on and your backpack ready, Olivia," I called out nearly 45 minutes before our normal afternoon departure time.

Sometimes you just need a little sunshine.

I loaded up a puzzled Olivia and a smiley Remy into the car and rolled down the windows.

"You pick the tunes, my Livi girl!"

And we did what my girl loves to do. We drove the back roads, windows down, and listened to her favorite song a million times in a row.

Sometimes you just need a little sunshine.

Following the return trip from dropping Liv off at preschool, we skipped our afternoon chores and made a beeline for the backyard. Sure, half the yard is still brown and muddy, but one year olds don't care.

Sometimes you just need a little sunshine.

And by 3 this afternoon? I had all but forgotten about the nausea. My soreness was a thing of the past. And my soul was singing a happy song.

Sometimes all you need is a little sunshine.


  1. Sunshine is a miracle worker in my house, especially on Mama! I loathe the winter and all its gloom. I noticed today too that I am in such a happy place now that the days are getting longer and the sun is shining.

    As for your last post, I love your posts. Words, pictures, what-have-you. Fabulous! I really look forward to whatever work you put out there. I say follow your gut and share away! :)

  2. Love it! We went for like a 2 hour walk today. We just couldn't bring ourselves to go back inside! Love that spring time high is a universal thing! First time the temp has climbed over 50 in months, wooo!

  3. It's amazing how a little sunshine can make a world of difference!

  4. I agree! Every morning when I open up the window shades, I thank God for the sun shining through. Thanks for this lovely post!



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