February 25, 2012

A snow day in.

I woke up today, took one glance out of my bedroom window and decided that come hell or high water, I was not going anywhere today.

Snow? Check. Wind? Check. Cold? Check. Check. Check!

We managed to knock out a couple of small projects and le husband did the shopping so I could (gladly) stay put in the warm, toasty house. One such project? I tackled the huge pile of stuff that accumulated in my dining room due to the kitchen face lift that's still currently underway.

Yikes, right? Only took an hour and a whole lot of me asking "why is this even in here?"  for me to get it all cleared out.


We made our very first terrarium today. 


And we installed a new light fixture over our breakfast nook last night.

We  =  le husband.


I volunteered Owen for shoveling duties today thinking he would despise it. I was wrong. Very, very wrong.

I was only going to ask him to do the back sidewalk, but when I saw how much fun he was having I volunteered Olivia to help him do the front walk too.

Politely shoveling the snow led to snow shovel jousting.

Which led to a full out snow war.

Remy and I giggled away from the front window as they piled shovelful after shovelful over each other's head. And snow war aside, they didn't do such a shabby job.

Everyone was rewarded with big, steaming cups of hot chocolate.

Goodnight. <3


  1. Love it! That photo of Olivia smiling at the end should totally be framed <3

  2. I'm in MN so I'm use to snow, look at the great pics you got from the beautiful snowfall!!!



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