February 02, 2012

Progress. We're Making Some.

Albeit slow.

But progress is progress. Even if it's made little by little each night after the kids go to bed.

Kitchens with an abundance of storage can be a blessing and a curse. A blessing for obvious reasons and a curse because there are 34 cabinet doors and 13 drawers that need prepping, sanding, spackling, more sanding, priming, painting...and so on and so forth. 

Let's remember what we started with.

Say hi to my mom! Unfortunately, she left last week to go back to sweet home Louisiana, but before she left we put her to work. Check out the miracle she worked with our staircase.

The woman spent hours meticulously caulking and painting the risers on my stairs. And it looks absurdly good. Every single time I go up those steps, I silently say a little thank you to my Lona Mae.

But back to the kitchen. This is where we're at now. And by now, I mean that I took these pictures tonight after dinner before I had time to clean up. Sorry about the mess.

We're getting there. WE'RE GETTING THERE!


I have a little confession about le husband. 

He's obsessed with spray painting things. 
Like this candelabra that I picked up from the Goodwill for a buck-fifty. 

Over the holidays, le husband kept mentioning this wooden owl his mom had when he was growing up. She graciously offered to send it to us. The cool thing about this owl is that it's hand carved from Oberammergau, Germany. My mother-in-law bought it back in 1971. Meaning this little cutie is 41 years old!

John hit little Miss Owl (I think it's a girl.) with a little sander/deglosser, a coat of primer..

And then two coats of some glossy white spray paint and BOOM.

She shines! And now she's a welcome little living room addition with a nice back story.

Next up? Finishing the cabinets, installing hardware, and a weekend trip to IKEA!


  1. I lurve that owl!

  2. WHAT a project but so worth it, it looks AMAZING!!!!
    Kudos to you all for doing the hard work, and that OWL, precious!!!

  3. oh em gee, i love your new kitchen -ish and that owl, i'm in love. totally in love with that owl. she's gorgeous!!



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