February 03, 2012

My Mom Senses: They Tingle

After a seemingly peaceful night of sleep, I was jolted awake last night at 3:45AM. 

I wasn't really sure why I was up. The house was quiet. Something just felt off. I silently bemoaned my stupid sleep patterns and tiptoed down the hall, peeked in on the kids, silently thanked sweet baby Jesus that Owen was over that stupid black plague of a stomach virus and decided to sneak back to bed for some late night infomercial watching until I could fall asleep again.

At 3:58 on the dot, I heard little footsteps coming down the hall followed by a small voice.

"I frew up on Owen's bed, Mom."

And, oh dear, she wasn't kidding. It was on the bed. On the floor. On the pillows. On her. 

So I scrubbed carpets, did laundry, cleaned up my girl and then bathed myself in Lysol at 4AM. 
And down the drain went any plans we had for Friday.

We're having a really fun, feverish time around here obviously. 

Any bets on who gets it next?


  1. Those nights are so rough, I feel for you and I hope it doesn't make it way around to all of you! My daughter had it over xmas and we didn't get it! Have a good weekend!

  2. jinxed myself reading this my 3yr old came down with a vomiting bug the same day :( today had to pick up the 6yr old from school after vomited all over the classroom, really hope the baby doesn't catch it :( atleast this one only seems to last 24 hrs! hope olivia feels better soon.



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