February 07, 2012

Happy Things {v.10}

I meant to write this last night when I wasn't feeling so happy. Just when I thought we were all in the clear and had conquered the great plague of 2012, I got hit with it. Yesterday may have been the longest day in my existence thus far on earth, not being able to call John home from work and silently cursing our decision to move 1200 miles from our extended families, the people I would call upon in such a situation. 

But the good news? I didn't vomit on anyone or in the school parking lot. Oh, and I went to bed at 8:45. 

Happy Things!

- New Minnetonkas!

- Making lots of progress in our kitchen.

- Remy managing to only get a touch of the plague this weekend.

- Blogger friends that send you a box full of fabulous maternity basics.

- Saturday night trips to TJ Maxx ALONE. BY MYSELF. I went shopping without any children! (It's a big deal, people.)

- The quotes for the roof repair coming back less than what I thought it was going to be.

- Watching Remy go absolutely nuts every time we listen to this song.

- Catching le husband singing the above song under his breath.

- Starting to clearly see and understand the direction in which my life is going. And liking it.

- Lysol, Febreeze, and Spot Shot, for which I am eternally grateful. 

- And this. Which has been happening more and more each day. (Excuse the mess. I'm working on it!)


  1. Found your blog through a series of random clicks, but I love it! I like the way you say 'I believe in not being a jerk' in your intro, I might have to start using that one ;)

  2. That scarf: I need it. It's just so lovely! And aren't moccasins the best? Glorified slippers I can wear in public? Yes please!



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