January 21, 2012

98% and a Friday Photo Dump

On a Saturday.

Looking through my Instagram photos from this week made me realize two things. 

1. I take a lot of pictures of my face.

2. I take a lot of pictures of Remy.

That's what happens when your older two kids run and hide from you every time they see a camera.

It seems that sir Remy is hitting a bit of a growth spurt. I guess that's a really nice way of saying that the kid is sleeping terribly, yells at people and thinks he's a four year old.

John's been spending a lot of time in our creepy cellar lately doing manly things like sanding and playing with power tools. 

"Remy keeps rubbing his butt on me!" - Olivia

After this week's cafeteria incident, little lady has been working on her 'tude.

I could just eat him up. 

This is what my beauty routine has come to. Hiding out in the bathroom during Remy's naptime using the fastest at home color I could find. Whatever keeps me out of the salon and away from my stylist's shears.

Owen has big plans for the future. They include "building robots that can help mankind as we know it."

In one week, he learned how to climb the baby gates and took his first two steps.
I won't say he's walking yet, because those two steps took an iPhone and a whole hell of a lot of coaxing, but past experience tells me that full blown running isn't far off.

I woke up yesterday feeling 98% pain and nausea free for the first time in two months. 
Fingers crossed it's a new trend.

Hope the weekend treats y'all well! We're semi-snowed in working on more of our never-ending house 
to-do list and I'm hoping to bribe at least one of my children into letting me take their picture.

What do you have planned?


  1. I know all about little girls with 'tude! Man is it exhausting! Good luck!

  2. Ok. I luv all of your photos but I really luv your wall color, too. We're painting this weekend b/c all we have is rain rain rain here and finding that right shade of aqua-y blue is really hard. Sooooo can you tell me what color you used? I would love you forever.:) have a great weekend.

  3. The Olivia quote cracked me up! Remy is ADORABLE (they all are)



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