December 28, 2011


If you've ever been pregnant, you know the absolute relief to see that little blinking heart for the first time on the black and white ultrasound screen.


I know I sort of played it down, but the last few days have been agonizing.

When the ER doctor did my ultrasound Christmas day, she couldn't see anything other than a gestational sac. It didn't matter that she told me that the equipment she was using was sub par at best and that everything was "probably okay." To walk out of the hospital not knowing was torturous. 

I walked into my appointment this morning telling myself to expect the worst. 

And what we saw was an eight week, two day baby with a strong, thumping heartbeat.

Right on track.

My heart nearly jumped out of my chest with joy.




  1. Whew well congrats on that healthy baby! So excited for y'all...and happy late birthday Remy he is just ADORABLE

  2. Awesome to hear it Jess! I know how hard it is to go into an ultrasound fearing the worst. It's super hard. I'm so glad the baby's doing great!

  3. Oh thank God!!!! I've been thinking of you and I'm so glad to hear this great news!

  4. SO glad everything is okay for you and your family!

  5. Reading this makes me smile. No better feeling in the world than that grainy black and white image:) Love it!



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