December 12, 2011

Manic Monday

Obsessing Over: Cadbury Chocolate. No surprise here. I've eaten an ungodly amount this week.

Working On: Letting go of not being able to get 100% of my to-do list accomplished everyday. I'm just too tired. And gestating a human takes precedence over any meaningless chore.

Thinking About: Whooping John's ass in Words with Friends. You read that right, husband. I own you.

Anticipating: My mother-in-law's upcoming arrival for Christmas. I'm so excited to have family here for the holidays!

Listening To: Fear Factor on the TV. Purposefully not watching for fear of vomiting. UGH.

Drinking: Nada.

Wishing: For a full night's sleep. For Olivia to stop running full speed across my living room.

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