November 08, 2011

Louisiana {p.2}

Only second to Christmas, Halloween is among my favorite times of the year. I'm completely biased to it, being that I'm an October baby, but it has never been about costumes and ghost stories for me. I just love candy.

Really. I love candy more than my kids love candy. I love candy more than I love our house cat. Okay, that's pushing it. 

The fact that we were able to celebrate Halloween back in Louisiana had me giddy with excitement. Halloween here in Pennsylvania seems a little more low key. And cold, so very cold. I was more than happy to trade my sweater for a warm night of trick or treating and Mom's gumbo.


FYI: What le husband on vacation looks like. Which you shouldn't confuse with what le husband looks like when he's working, which looks exactly like this, except different shoes.

My babies. They're not babies anymore. I'm not okay with their growing up shenanigans, in case you were wondering.

I've talked about Jess before. She's my best friend. My partner in crime. The peanut butter to my jelly. I got all misty eyed going through pictures from this trip. There she is holding my third (THIRD!) child. Just yesterday, we were singing along to Hanson in her bedroom, playing MASH, and being so incredibly preteen. 

And there she is holding her baby, who isn't a baby anymore either. I'm also not okay with his growing up shenanigans.

My beautiful niece and beautiful daughter being all beautiful and stuff. They're best friends. It makes my heart happy.

I love her like she's one of my own. 

I love this shot. Not that it's particularly wonderful, but because my mom is obviously telling a very animated story. Typical mom. 

Perfect trick or treating weather. 


Again, these ladies y'all..I have so much history with them. Sleepovers and secrets and dances and so many nights spent talking about boys and life and silliness. I don't have many memories from 1998-2003 that don't somehow include them. 


Everyone knows that I'm am perfectly comfortable behind the lens. This is what happens when you put me in front of one. 

I am awkward personified. I love that Meg and Jess are perfectly adorable while I look like an ogre.


Stay tuned..part three (iPhone edition) coming Friday...

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