October 15, 2011


I bought these canisters yesterday for a dollar. One dollar! I have a plan in mind for them, but here they are as is. 

Olivia told me that she's been going to "dot coms" on her computer. Specifically the "Justin Bieber dot coms." Her computer is pink and manufactured by V-Tech. I'm pretty sure she's full of bologna.

Husband and I spent the evening listening to music, sitting by a fire, and drinking a few cold ones. It was nice. Especially the part when Owen hijacked our alone time and slow danced with me to some Louis Armstrong. That kid, I tell ya. 

It was cold enough to bust out some gloves this evening. Sure sign that winter is going to be here before we know it.

Just when I'm convinced that I'm going to either sell my husband to science or kick him in the shins (not literally..well..okay..maybe, kind of literally), he goes and does something thoughtful and makes me go all googly eyed, lovestruck for him. Say hi to my new favorite coffee mugs. 

He so knows me, y'all. <3


  1. I like the cannisters...love the purple-y polish.....really love that fire pit thingy.....and sorta find PBR beer funny!



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