October 16, 2011

The Naked Face Challenge

Deanna over at Delirious Rhapsody challenged her readers to take an unedited photograph of their bare faces. No makeup.

I love this idea. Let me tell you why.

I have NEVER been one of those girls who's bare skin looks glowing and dewy and all those other adjectives normally reserved for Disney princesses.

I inherited some pretty badass undereye circles. (Thanks Dad!) I've always had them. Don't believe me? This is me at age 4. 

And then in high school, I decided that burnt orange skin would be the peak of perfection. Girls, step away from the tanning beds. The ugly sunspots on my face prove that tanning beds are nothing but overrated cancer machines. Embrace the pale.

So, hey..here's my naked face at 6AM on a Sunday morning. 


  1. i LOVE that you included your cup of coffee. :) i think that you look beautiful, and i hope that you have inspired someone to love themself 'naked.' :)

  2. I as well have the wonderful black circles (which I seem to notice alot more than others or at least they act as if they aren't that bad...but seeing that you feel yours are "bad ass" as well makes me feel better bc you actually look beautiful in this pic ...so this must mean they can't be as bad as we think they are ..any way thanks for posting this and YOUR BEAUTIFUL ..thats all :)

  3. Pretty Lady!!!!

    Messy {new follower}




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