October 06, 2011

On Transparency {Vol. 2}

Well, this isn't necessarily on transparency, but I'm trying to live up to that whole transparency thing I've spoken of. This is last time I'll speak of this, so let me just get straight to it. 

I just spent the past week thinking that I may be pregnant. 

Rest assured, I'm not. But I did spend the past seven days in complete limbo and I'm pretty emotionally exhausted and slightly more than slightly disappointed. 

But here's what I've learned..

Another child is in my future. I don't know when..and I'm not looking to force the issue any time soon, but I do know that my heart has room to love one more. 

But until that happens, I'm giving everything I've got to the three I have.


I got to spend some much needed one on one time with Sir Rems-a-lot today. We headed over to City Park and put in some time on the swings, though he was more interested in my sunglasses. 

Until tomorrow..


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