September 25, 2011


I'm thankful that this is what my front sidewalk looked like today.

I'm thankful that at any given time while I'm cooking dinner, I can turn around and see this at my feet.

I'm thankful that this kid is growing big and headstrong and opinionated and more than happy to let me know his displeasure at getting his picture taken.

I'm thankful that this is the face that greets me at the backdoor of my house.

I'm thankful that I get to listen to her complain about her milk not being chocolatey enough.

I'm thankful that this is the view out my back window.

I'm thankful for today and every day I get to be their mom.

True story.


  1. I adore the moment captured by your little one looking through the window. The teensy little fingers pressed against the glass will grow too quickly.

  2. You are an incredible photographer & you keep me coming back as much as i possibly can... i love your blog & hope one day i can create such beauty through my tiny piece of the Internet as you have done so well with your spot! :)

  3. just found your blog. first time here and I love what I see. we should totally be friends.

  4. I have never looked into blobs until the other night and found your and out of all the others I LOVE your blog! It is a real and honest window to a mother of 3 who adores her children and husband but isn't afraid to admit the crazy, unexpected and hardworking moments you comes across. Its so nice to see someone whom I know would understand my joys and tough moments at the same time. Oh and I love photography as well and love love love your photographs! Anyway thank you for sharing all that you do in such a beautiful way



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