September 26, 2011

Murphy's Law

"Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong."

I wasn't going to even acknowledge this, knowing that days like today are always fleeting and are usually forgotten and I damn well know that my "problems" are pretty tame. But I figured I'll probably at some point need to look back and poke fun at myself and my self proclaimed terrible day.

In the past 24 hours, the following has transpired..

Broke the garage door.
Broke the stroller.
Owen lost his breakfast all over my kitchen floors.
Dog puked in the foyer.
I was stung by a bee.
Owen lost his morning snack all over the bathroom floor.
I fell down the stairs.
Owen lost his lunch all over the front of his shirt.

Among other things..

I'm pretty sure I'm just going to cut my losses for the day, finish lysol-ing every door knob in the house, and make a beeline for bed.

It could always be worse, it could always be worse, it could always be worse.


  1. The only way from here is up....

    like, literally...

    because you fell down the stairs.

  2. It could always be worse! ;) Hope tomorrows a better day!



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