September 09, 2011

Friday Photo Dump

A week's worth of Instagram photos.

Oatmeal faced Remy. Owen's bus stop. WHO DAT. Napping Olivia. Hair woes. Lunch. Dancey Dance time. Sleeping Remy. Big ass spider. Walmart Olivia. Yummies. Car shopping. Remy from afar. 
Boot weather. 

Have a great weekend, lovelies!


  1. I love dairy queen. Yummy! Looks like you had a great week. My photos are here.

  2. Oh my god, I would die if I saw that spider! And 68 degrees? I'm jealous. We live in Texas so I'm excited that it's cooled down to 90.

  3. @Wendy..I almost did die when I saw it and nearly died when sucking it up with the shopvac. YUCK.

  4. hair woes? i am loving your hair in that pic!
    thanks for linking up! can you add a link back to my blog?? thanks lady :)

  5. @amy of course! you're welcome! :)

  6. I'm your newest follower from "Agoodlife" link up. :) I can't wait for it to be boot weather here in GA! :)



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