September 13, 2011

Day 26

I could alternately title this "Jessica Takes a Lot of Webcam Pictures When She's Bored." 

I dug into my webcam archives for this one.

So I'm having a crisis of the hair persuasion. Any girl will know what I'm talking about. My hair has hit the dreaded in between stage. It's not a cute, sassy, short do. It's not long and flowing. It just...blah.

Day 26: Something Old

This is from the day I cut it off. I was seven months pregnant and obviously hormonal.

It went from this..

To this..

To this..

And finally to this which I've been growing out for the past five months..

And in case you want to know what growing out your hair for five months resembles..

Moral of the story?

There isn't any. Well other than don't let the hormonal, pregnant women in your life make decisions about hair. I'm trying to grow it out but every time I see a pair of scissors, I start to twitch.

Not literally. That would be scary and reason to consult a medical professional.

So today I'm hiding the all sharp instruments that could possibly be turned into styling shears. Kitchen shears, craft scissors, garden get the picture.

Have a lovely Tuesday, y'all! I'll be over here...not cutting my hair.

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