August 12, 2011

My Cheering Gal

Last night, Olivia participated in her very first cheerleading expo at one of the local fairs. 

Olivia has never been in front of a large crowd before and can be a little bashful, so I was a tad nervous for her.

But I also knew that if she got even 10% of my attention craving genetics, she would do A-OK.

She did phenomenal.

I was in proud mom mode all night.

And this morning when I asked her what she thought about her first cheerleading experience?

"I felt like Lady Gaga out there."

God love this child, it looks like she did inherit the performance gene.

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  1. I wanna squeeze her! She's adorable! I can't wait to do girly things with Finn!

  2. Thank God someone's little girl has the self-esteem that she should! You go girl-BOTH of you!



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