August 19, 2011

Grand Foyer Reveal

Are you ready for it?

You're trembling with anticipation, aren't you?


So, this is a little embarrassing. 

I didn't do a damn thing.

I take that back.

I did start stacking the mail on the windowsill.

And I found a great place for Chicory's leash!

And there have been other changes made in this room. Granted, not done by me, but whatever. The rug is looking especially fantastic.

Thanks to Chicory and her puppy chewing.
And I noticed today that she's becoming fond of the chair.

Yeah, that's getting moved out of there today.
But! But I did take a step towards getting this room finished.

New paintbrushes!

I'd like to blame John and his busy work schedule. I'd like to blame Chicory and her cute puppy face. I'd like to blame Remy and his new found mobility.

I'd like to blame my short attention span and hatred of going into the basement to gather the supplies needed to complete this project. 

But we all know who's really at fault.

The kids.

The kids and their absurdly long summer break. I'm just so busy with all of their business that this little project took a backseat. So, I'm shelving it for a few weeks and returning to it once the kids are back in school. 

11 days.

11 days!

264 hours. 

15,840 minutes.

1 comment:

  1. Get the puppy rawhide bones. Boxers are big chewers, so I keep an 11 pack of them at all times.



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