August 18, 2011

Day 10/30

Day 10: Something I Made

Well that's an easy one. I make a lot of things. I make breakfast. I make lunch. I make dinner. I make groceries. I make my house clean and tidy. I make clean laundry magically appear in dresser drawers. I make my husband laugh. And sometimes I make people. 

Though, according to numerous elderly women at the Wal-Mart, this one couldn't possibly be mine. 

"He's so blonde!"

"Those blue eyes! Are you sure he's yours?"

"Oh he must belong to the milkman!"

Only sweet, 85 year old ladies can get away with accusing someone of being an adulterer.

Oh but he's mine. I cooked him for 9 months. I still get to enjoy late night parties with him. (We like to watch Discovery ID at 3AM and enjoy a couple of cold beverages. Milk for him...water for me. Total party animals.)

I made him. And John helped too.

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