August 29, 2011

Eight Months of Remy

Yesterday marked eight months that we've had our precious boy. Especially fitting, seeing as he has had a HUGE week. Hitting milestones left and right. He's begun to babble in the last few days. I swear he's saying "mama" but I believe John would beg to differ. He's starting to pull himself up, not consistently but at least a few times a day. The kid is a major solid food fan. He seems to be more interested in our food than baby food, but he'll basically eat anything you put in front of him. And he finally, FINALLLLLY has teeth coming in. Two! I found them yesterday. They'll be cutting the skin any day now, poor guy.

So, in short..

He's getting big.

He's getting fast.

He won't stop putting things in his mouth.

We adore him. Even though he hasn't allowed me one full, complete night of sleep in eight months and he insists upon being on my hip most days, I adore him.

Here's to eight fantastic, exhausting, warm fuzzy filled months.


  1. Oh my goodness, your son is absolutely adorable! Especially in that sweet hat :)

    Visiting from FTLOB. Hope you're
    having a beautiful day my dear!


  2. Forever the most beautiful family on the interweb. xo.



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