July 29, 2011

Fun Find Friday

Earlier in the week, a client turned friend (don't you love when that happens!) Amy asked if I wanted to accompany her to some yard sales today. She speaks my language. Of course I would!

I've spoken on my love for second hand stuff before and I'll state it again.

My name is Jessica and I love digging through other people's unwanted stuff.

Today definitely counts as one for the W column. Check out some of my loot!

The things in the above picture cost me a grand total of $14. Win!

This little guy is going in my office.

I even scored a couple things for the kids. Olivia nearly jumped out of her skin when I showed her these ridiculous looking "skates."

But after falling on her butt, she declared that they were "too dangerous for girls."

And, just for giggles, here's a couple of my Chicory girl watching Livi skate.


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