February 13, 2011

Weekend recap


It started with a little shopping.

My husband's response to the amount of crap I bought?

"I thought you would have bought more."

I love him. I LOVE HIM. 

There was some LEGO action on Saturday night.

Can I tell y'all a secret? Legos make my blood pressure rise. The pieces! So many pieces! So many little, itty bitty pieces that get everywhere! 

Little legos in the vacuum cleaner..

Tiny legos under the couch cushions..

Legos on the staircase that only I manage to step on..

I'm starting to believe legos were created solely to drive moms to drink.


Tomorrow being Valentine's day, we decided to go pick up our very romantic joint present.

Because we are romantic people that enjoy holding hands and skipping merrily through meadows of wildflowers while violins play in the background.

Stop laughing.

The joint gift involved assembly.

Remy and I supervised.

Cutest supervisor I've ever seen.

So what was our joint Valentine's gift?

Told y'all. Romantic with a capital R. Cause nothing says "honey, you still light my fire" quite like exercise equipment.

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