March 15, 2013

Quick Takes.

Linking up with the cool kids today!

1. This week has been one giant ball of blah. Minus Wednesday, because HELLO.

I'm not really sure why I'm so blah this week. Maybe a combination of the stupid time change and the overwhelming feeling that winter is just never going to end. EVER. 

2. Remy has declared war on naps this week. Again, another casualty of the stupid time change. By 4 o'clock in the afternoon, he is a monster. A sleep deprived, overdone monster who terrorizes people twice his size. 

3. Sometime between the hours of 8 and 10 AM today, my dear pest control company is coming out to seal up my house to protect it from the enormous community of bats that live in my neighborhood. On one hand I'm thrilled that my house will be less likely to experience unwanted guests this summer, but on the other hand I'm outright peeved that I have to pay someone an ungodly amount of money to ensure my husband doesn't have to chase winged mammals around at 3AM.

4. This popped up on my reader this morning and I wish I could print out a copy and give it to approximately everyone I know who isn't Catholic. The amount of anti-Catholic rhetoric and absolutely ridiculous misconceptions about the Church that I heard this spouted off this week was enough that I feel like a trip to the confessional to unload my disdain is imminent.

5. I just sound like sunshine and roses this morning, eh?

6. Something happy..something happy..oh! Owen and Olivia both had artwork selected to be displayed at the local middle school's art show. Super proud mom status.

7. Only about three more weeks until I can officially say goodbye to the first trimester and the first trimester hormones that have obviously turned me into a rage monster! Sorry, I guess? 



  1. Ugh, we have a flock (?) of bats living behind our chimney and probably in the walls. When we first moved in we had regular encounters with them in the dark hours. Haven't had one in a while but they're still there. Creepy. Yet I still won't shell out the money to get it fixed.

    Thanks for the link...great post!

  2. I am so happy and feel so blessed with our new Pope. And, yes...the anti-Catholic rhetoric comeing from all angles in the past few weeks, but especially this week really irked me.

    I'm so glad we do not have a problem with bats where I live. I would likely freak out to my death.

    I will offer up some prayers for you as you head out of the 1st trimester.

  3. 1. I'm with you on the "winter is never going to end" tip. Why won't it end? Why?
    2. Bats? Seriously? I would die, die an actual, literal death, if we ever had a bat in our house.
    3. Dead.

  4. Jessica - I'm just checking in to see if you're planning to rejoin the blog world anytime soon. How's your pregnancy going? I hope all is well. I miss your posts and your stunningly beautiful photos of the most stunningly beautiful/cute kids in the blogosphere.

  5. You haven't blogged in so long, I worry that all is not well? I pray that you return soon, (hopefully its not too weird that a stranger worries for you!)

  6. I just discovered your blog and think it's pretty amazing, and you're hilarious. I hope you come back!



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