February 04, 2013

Some days are long.

Really, really long.*

Our day began with Remy taking a big ol' tumble down the stairs at 8:20 this morning. After trying my best to not panic at the sight of blood gushing out of his mouth, I quickly decided that a trip to the ER was definitely happening. In the midst of trying to calm down and assess Remy, throw a bra on myself and remember where the hell I put Remy's coat, Rosie decided to have the greatest of poop blowouts.

The greatest.

Blood and poop all before 9AM.

No worries though, Remy's fine. Save for the crooked, loose front tooth and sore nose. And he discovered just how much non-fun happens in emergency rooms. 

This mom gig..never a dull moment. C'est la vie?

*Oh and then Rosie decided to start cutting another tooth this afternoon and then that guy 
I'm married to brought home the plague. LOOOOONNNNG DAY.


  1. Oh wow! Glad Remy is OK and I hope the plague is contained to your DH (and that he feels better asap!)

  2. Thankfully it was stairs, and not a ladder (our version of stairs when our kids were young), and he had nothing in his hand (one of mine had a metal knitting needle he had conveniently found just before falling straight down the "ladder well"). Happily, kids are quite a bit more durable than we fear. BTW, your kids are absolutely the cutest! It looks to me like you might have gotten a few extra cuddles in with Remy from this mishap!

  3. Oh! Poor Remy! Prayers that today goes far more smoothly.

  4. Just want to send peace, encouragement, and health your way. There is nothing, NOTHING worse than a vomiting spell when your kid/husband is puking at the same time. Our house trudged though this plague a week ago, and it was just awful. So thankful sweet Remy is ok. Prayers for healing headed your way.



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