January 28, 2013

When you find out that people are actually reading.

It's been a weird day.

Or a weird three or four days really, if you want to get technical.

When I posted that hastily written little ditty about choosing life  when faced with pregnancy as a teenager. I really wasn't expecting what followed. That one post has received more page views in three days than I probably receive in two months. (I'm pretty sure most of my readers, before that post, are blood related to me, if that says anything.) For the most part, the reaction has been good. Supportive. Nice. And all those adjectives that impart warm fuzzies. But some of them?

Not so nice.

Like the person who implied that my mother's reaction to my pregnancy announcement was totally inappropriate. 

Or the person who said that my mother should have recommended an abortion.

Or the person speculating on how much older "le husband" looks than me.
(I got a kick out of that one. He's a whopping three years older. SHOCKING.) Also the same person who assumed we must've come from money. 
Nope. Negative. Nada.


If I've learned anything from these past few days it's that I will probably never, ever again look at my blog stats. And never, ever again look at my referring sites. And never, ever again click on the referring sites and read through the comments being left about my story. Ever.

Though I was pretty tickled to see that someone found my blog this week by googling "crying over mashed potatoes."


Changing the subject...

Look at my cute baby!


  1. Someone said your mom should have recommended abortion???? What is wrong with people?!?!? There is your beautiful son right there and they say that? Like "Hey, shoulda gotten rid o' that."


    I love you, Jess!

  2. It still shocks me that people are so ridiculous on the internet. You are a wonderful woman and mama and the bravery you showed at 18 is truly inspiring. So screw them. You've got a wonderful family and that is enough proof for me that you are doing a bang up job.

  3. Oh, I'm so sorry for the nasty comments. I didn't comment on the other post (I'm not sure why...I probably had a toddler tugging at my leg :) but I loved it and started following. It's so scary to put ourselves out there but know that you were and are a witness to love and life. Rest in that.

    Also, I love your hair. My hair is the longest it's ever been but after seeing your resolutions post you have me thinking. I may have to print out your picture to bring with me if I take the leap. (aaand now I've probably officially freaked you out...)

  4. I just want to say that I found your blog, probably through that post that someone recommend that I read, and 1) I loved that post, it was beautiful and 2) I love your blog and am now following.

  5. I often hear of bloggers getting reamed by someone after they shared something really personal. And I don't get it. I think if you don't care for it, read on and forget about it. Comments should be reserved for those with ONLY something nice to say. You know how much energy it takes to be mean?! It blows my mind that anyone would assume certain things from one blog post. I am happy and carefree on my blog; does that mean I am always so, no. Not even close. So it stands to reason we are all people with feelings and just because we aren't face to face but rather computer to computer doesn't mean it isn't gonna sting when something is nasty or hateful. Most of all, who cares, I love this space you write at and share your heart. Continue to do so. And never look at stats. Just be you.♥

  6. Well, Jess, wherever there is good in the world, there is going to be someone who chooses to bring negativity. You brought life into the world and people are always going to attack you for doing something strong, good, filled with grace, and positive. Keep writing. Keep sharing. And if it helps you keep those up, then no -- don't look at stats.

  7. I loved your post! Can't remember if I commented or not, but I will say now, even if repeating myself, it was great AND necessary. I'm learning not to look at stats too, just because some of them are kind if weird and I'm going, What could have brought that kind of person here?! And I echo Mary's comment above that I love your hair! Complete aside, but has to be said. :-)

  8. I can only imagine... I'm sorry you had to see and read hurtful words about your beautiful story. You know how people always say "Kids are cruel"? Honestly, I think that some people are just cruel...and they have kids who are cruel...who grow up to be more adults who are cruel.

    It was a beautiful story that needed to be written, though. And I thank you for doing it...it was very brave.

  9. I'm so sorry you had to deal with that! Sadly, in all my years of blogging, I've found that few things unleash the demons like standing up for new life. Thank you for your courage in sharing that amazing story!



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