January 11, 2013

Quick Takes {v3}

I'm linking up with Jen this week!

1. Speaking of Jen, she's endured a pretty crappy couple of weeks. Prayers her way, yes?

2. Post holiday, mid winter blues has hit me full force this past week. I'm over the cold. I'm over the gray skies. I'm over the extra five pounds that have settled around my midsection from the endless amounts of candy I've consumed in the past couple weeks. Thankfully, mercifully..in just a little over a month we'll be traveling back to our stomping grounds to celebrate Mardi Gras with our families. Amen. Alleluia. Gimme 'dem crawfish.

3. I blew the dust off my 60D the other day and captured my sweet Rosie being sweet and oh so squishy.

4. Then my uterus burst into pieces from baby fever. No joke.

5. This article is a couple years old (more like 6 years old), but I like it and I find myself re-reading it whenever I'm having an OMGImustbeCRAZY moment.


A friend send this postcard to my family for Christmas. It may be the most beautiful thing anyone has said about our family. Sometimes, when you're in the trenches of babies and diapers and school-aged children, it doesn't feel beautiful. It can feel monotonous and wrought with poop. So to have someone acknowledge the love you feel for these people, despite the poop, it's pretty dang great. I'll always treasure this little piece of cardboard.

7. Speaking of poop, Rosie just made diaper blowout #8 of this week. I should go deal with that.


Have a fantastic weekend!
We'll be patching the gaping hole in the drywall left by one of those pressure mounted baby gates. Which will most likely lead to painting. Followed by a whole lot of expletives.


  1. hey! so i just found you the other day. (via Jen.) i'm a Louisiana girl myself (but i'm moving in a few days...), starting my own Catholic family. i just want to say i love that article in #5. thank you. as amazing as it is to be so open to life, we need all the encouragement we can get in this society...

    1. You're welcome! I'm trying..but it's hard to be open to life when society tells you not to be. I struggle with it. What part of good ol Louisiana are you from?

  2. #2 right there with you. It's just freezing here, no snow. :-(
    #5 love. #6 too, totally sweet.

  3. Just came here from Conversion Diary I had to comment your baby is so cute! The blue eyes and her grin. Thanks for posting link #5 nice article I had 3 girls at the time of my last pregnancy and I was surprised by some comments about having one more.

    1. It seems like society thinks one is not enough. And three is just crazy. I don't get it, honestly. Thanks for stopping by!



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