April 30, 2012

Monday Randoms

We spent Sunday afternoon doing more work around the yard, finally getting a good weekend dose of sunshine. And in a true full circle moment, I got around to planting the sunflowers seeds that Olivia has been begging and pleading for. I remember begging and pleading my mom for the same thing when I was little. And being absolutely ecstatic when she obliged me. Fingers crossed that our sunflowers grow as wondrously big as the ones my mom planted for me as a child. 

Watching Remy's transformation from baby to full fledged toddler boy has been one of the most amusing, frustrating, joyful times of my adult life. 
He's keeping us so busy. And practically giving me heart attacks.

We dug out the old Radio Flyer bike that Owen had received on his second Christmas. That little bike has been passed from Owen to my little niece to Livi  and now to Remy. 
I loved watching him sit and inspect the tires and pedals, so excited to have a bike all his own.

The single most underrated thing about being a mom?

Watching the person you love be a dad.


Today I nearly cried in Wal-Mart over a pack of socks.

Owen needed new socks. I discovered, upon browsing the boys' socks that he's now in the size below men's socks. 
Which, to a normal human, wouldn't be a big deal, except for the fact that I'm a hormonal, pregnant mess and my punk children insist upon growing up.

So then I almost cried over socks. True story.

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