April 20, 2012

IV Chronicles - {24 weeks}

Well, well, well...another week has come and gone! I'm actually feeling pretty dang great..sleeping like a baby..eating more than my husband..can't complain about too much. I did momentarily freak out when I looked at a calendar and realized that if the rest of this pregnancy goes as quickly as the first half, baby will be here in what seems like no time!

24 week bumpage..


I actually had someone ask if I derived baby IV's name from the Twilight series. As in the sparkly, broody vampires. Take that in for a second. 

The answer the question is NO.

Rosalia is actually a family name, as it was John's maternal grandmother's name. Though she was from Austria and the pronunciation was a bit different. After deciding on Rosalia, we realized that it had the same amount of syllables as Olivia. So, in trying to keep their names sort of similar, we decided to go with a single syllable middle name, just like Olivia's middle name. After le husband shot down my favorites (Jane, Mae, June) the name Belle was thrown out there and it just seems to fit perfectly. 

And since it was also asked what all the kids' names are..

Owen Marshall

Olivia Shea

Remy Allen

Rosalia Belle


Sorry for the super sporadic posting this week. It's always something, eh? Last week it was a sick dog..this week we've had internet connection troubles. I've had a couple days where I had no internet in the evenings. Add that to the fact that we live in an area where AT&T has yet to introduce 3G and well..no blogging it is.

Hope y'all have a swell weekend!



  1. My mother's middle name is Belle, and I have always wanted to name my first daughter Belle Blue, but now I feel like Twilight has made that option less than desirable. So sad.

    I love all the names, especially the little lady names.

  2. My daughter's name is Esme and we get asked constantly if it's from Twilight. NO.

  3. If we have a girl in September we're naming her Olive Jane :) And it's so funny bc my husband shot down Mae and June for middle names too. But now I'm loving Shea :) You look so beautiful btw.



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