April 07, 2012

It was Friday and it was good.

I love three day weekends.

I especially love when they are full of productivity.

And I especially, especially love when they coincide with glorious weather.


Our yard is miniscule. Not really. Our house sits back from the street giving us a nice big front yard and a patch of grass the size of a storage shed for a back yard. So every little bit of space we can squeeze out of that area is pretty important to us. The previous owners had a lovely, little garden of sorts along the back of the house that served absolutely no purpose other than to take up valuable space. So after cleaning up the yard a bit yesterday, we decided to bite the bullet and work on this.

This photo was taken after we started clearing everything out.

And this is what we accomplished in a few hours.

A gravel patio! I stuck some old plastic chairs there as a place marker until we can find something suitable to put there. 


These kids kept us in stitches yesterday. 


Happy Easter weekend y'all!


  1. Your pictures always put a smile on my face :)

  2. It's crazy how much Owen looks like you! Such a cutie. You make beautiful babies ��

  3. Your son looks just like I imagine my husband looked as a child. He is adorable--all the kids are!



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