April 25, 2012

Hells Bells

Her and I? We aren't THAT much alike.

Indeed, we butt heads a lot.

She's picky about everything. She has enough attitude to fill the Grand Canyon. And patience? She has none.

Yesterday after school, when we got into the car, I immediately started switching radio stations, hoping to find something that wouldn't cause her to pout.

As soon as I flipped the station she yells, "Hey! Put it back on that one. With the weird bells."

I obeyed, just happy to not have to listen to Lady Gaga for the hundredth time this week.

After listening for about a minute, she tells me from the backseat, "This is definitely my new favorite."

The song?


Her penchant for classic rock? That makes her 100% mine.


  1. We have this common! Anjolie loves classic rock too, Thank god! Especially in the days of electronic music, a good appreciation for an actual guitar riff is great!

  2. She looks just like you!!! Two beautiful girls! And your house is looking mighty pretty in the background, ma'am!!!



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