March 17, 2012

By its cover.

You can never judge a book by its cover.

You can also never judge your day by the first few hours.

Because sometimes, right when you think you might want to pack it up and admit to defeat to a crappy start...a superhero comes along and saves the day.

A superhero in the form of dad. He flies in, with the greatest of ease and practically erases the earlier gaffes from memory.

And sometimes he comes bearing bikes and shark helmets and trips to the local high school's parking lot for impromptu riding lessons.

By the time the sun set, a kid had learned to ride a bike, our bellies were full of yummy grilled food, and I couldn't help but be reminded of just how blessed we are to have that man of mine.

He's our superhero today.


  1. dad's really are superheroes....glad your day turned around.

  2. What am great superhero to have. Bike riding - hooray!

  3. Looks like a really great day. Good daddies are such blessings and real life heroes!!!

  4. I love this post Jess. What a sweet daddy your babies have. Beautiful always:)

  5. this post brought a tear to my eye!! STRONG work John!!! Love the thoughts.....Daddies are Superheros......=)



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