February 21, 2012

Sofa Curious?

I realized today that I mentioned in Friday's post about getting a new sofa and then failed to show y'all the new one! 

Bum bum da dum!

So, we ended up going with the Ikea standard, Kivik. Specifically the love seat with attached chaise lounge.

The room is obviously not done. We have a couple wall hangings to get to and a couple of throw pillows on order. And I'm still trying to decide which child to sell in exchange for the hardwood floors I've been wanting for the past three years. Also, notice that le husband's terrible, awful, no good chair is still here. We have yet to find a suitable replacement. Well, we found a suitable replacement. But it cost $2600. Um, yeah...no. We'll keep looking.

And another view..

And the ottomans? TJ Maxx special, y'all! 

If you're wondering where the TV went, le husband mounted it on the wall by the fireplace over his three day weekend. And until he hides the wires, there shall be no photographic evidence.


  1. Ooh, I like it! :) Your living room is looking nice and airy with the paint color and the light curtains. Looks great!!

  2. LOOKS great, really clean and modern, and classy looking!

  3. i love the paint color!! could you please tell me what it is? :) i want to paint my living room the same color!



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