February 12, 2012

IV Chronicles - Week 14

First off, I apologize for the lack of belly photo this week. Honestly, I just look like a total scrub right now.

There's a negative windchill outside and it's been snowing all day and I'm wearing the most comfortable/ugliest pair of jeans I own along with an old long sleeved Transformers tee with paint stains all over it. My hair is slightly greasy, I'm 97% sure I smell like household cleaner and I'm stuffing my face full of the chocolate chip cookies I baked earlier this evening.

So negative on the pictures.


Today was a day that I knew was coming. And as this pregnancy has progressed, I've wondered when it would happen.

I had to bust out the old handy using a hair elastic to hold my pants together trick.

All the moms out there are nodding with recognition of how wonderful of a trick this is.


I've been on a cleaning frenzy and I know that it's nesting starting to rear it's ridiculous head. I'm one of those "lucky" folks that starts experiencing nesting really, really early. On a whim, le husband and I decided to go ahead and switch out Olivia and Remy's rooms over the weekend in preparation for the newest arrival. Her room was the bigger of the rooms with multiple closets, is the closest to ours, and since we've decided that the younger two children will share a room for the first few years regardless of what baby IV's sex is, it was a perfect fit. And now Olivia is directly across the hall from Owen which makes her super happy.

All this moving and switching of the rooms means we now have lots and lots to paint upstairs.

Yay. (feigns enthusiasm)


So it looks like baby IV's name has been nailed down. Well, first name that is. It was rather easy, especially since, whether boy or girl, it will be given the same name. Nope, not telling yet. :-)

On to middle names!


As for how I'm feeling, the only word that comes to mind is great.

Sure, I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow at night, I all of a sudden can't stand the taste of coffee (who am I?!) and find myself tearing up at diaper commercials, but I feel GREAT.

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