February 14, 2012

The Big Red Heart Day

True story: Up until this year I could not understand why anyone cared about Valentine's day.

Maybe it's because our first Valentine's day together was less than perfection. Another story for another day perhaps? 

Nope. Not going to relive that one anytime soon.

No, this picture isn't from our first Valentine's together. (I really just wanted to out this on the internet again. Le husband is the classiest. I love him.)

But back to me not caring about the big red heart day. Upon further contemplation, I decided that I cannot, with good conscience, dislike a day devoted to celebrating love.

So, woot! Valentine's day!

Le husband knows the way to my heart. And it ain't roses. 

And the book end to today?

These cards for John and me from my sweet, sweet Owen boy and a bucket of KFC for dinner.

Cause nothing says love like not having to cook.

Happy Valentine's, y'all..

(And in case anyone's wondering..Valentine's 2011)

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