January 29, 2012

IV Chronicles - Week 12

-I totally skipped week 11. There wasn't much to write home about. The all day sickness has quieted. I haven't outgrown any pants yet. No little baby kicks to speak of yet.

-I lost count of how many times my mom, during her visit, asked "You're eating again?"

-My appetite is rivaling le husband's with no signs of slowing down. But at least the cravings for triple stacker cheeseburgers and tacos have been replaced by cravings for strawberries and avocados.

-I am 89% sure that this baby will be a girl. For the sake of logistics and le husband's ego, I hope I'm wrong. He's the only person on team boy as we speak. Though he has insisted that every single one of our children was going to be of the male persuasion. Never mind that we had 11 ultrasounds during my pregnancy for Olivia, every single one showing girl parts, le husband was still in denial.

-I busted out my old trusty, favorite maternity tank and yoga pants for today's belly photo. I threw out the vast majority of my maternity clothes after Remy's birth. So this along with one other identical blue tank is the extent of my maternity wardrobe.


Today started out beautifully. For a January in Pennsylvania. Thirty-two degrees and sunny! So beautiful that I kicked the kids outdoors for a while.

And then tonight, I looked out my backdoor to see blizzard conditions. That mother nature, what a tease.


Our upper cabinets started going back up tonight. Only 15,985 steps to go until my kitchen is finished!


  1. you look beautiful. love your blog. i just recently started following you <3


  2. You are seriously the prettiest 12 week pregnant girl! So beautiful!

    Yay for kitchen cabinets!!!!



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