December 26, 2011

Red, Green and Hospital Gown Blue

Hey! Hi! Hello! I'm alive! We're alive!

1. I apologize for the lack of words in this post. The Saints' game is on. Money is at stake. 
2. I'm tired.
3. I'm tired.


Since my mother-in-law arrived on Thursday, I've eaten a lot of cookies.

The lady is a one-woman baking machine. Over 300 cookies. 300!

(Take note of Olivia's inside-out, backwards pajamas. It's an ongoing theme.)

Remy approves of his Nana's baking.


(See what I mean about the pajamas? Homegirl dresses herself. Cause she's a "big gawlll")

The annual reading of "The Night Before Christmas" started so calmly.

And ended with Remy trying to chew on the book.


Christmas morning. 
Not a creature was stirring. Except for me. Anxiously pacing my living room, trying to decide when would be an appropriate time to wake up the sleepy heads.

Safe to say this was her favorite present.


Two years ago, we spent Christmas eve in the emergency room with a sick Olivia. Seems that may be the start of a Christmas tradition.

This year, lucky me got to spend Christmas day in the ER being poked, prodded and made to feel less than human. The issues that I was experiencing have yet to be resolved, so prayers and positive thoughts are greatly appreciated. 

But I'm okay and the baby seems to be okay from what we know.


Merry Christmas, internet.


  1. Glad to hear you're out of the hospital, hope that everything is okay with you and the baby. As I was looking at the pictures, I was thinking: Hey, Bella, has the exact same Daddy's Girl striped pjs. Then I thought: But where's the writing. LOL, then I saw your comment about the inside out/backwards, dressing herself. So cute! Great things to come the older our little ones get!
    -Courtney Byles

  2. Definitely keeping you and that sweet baby in my prayers. Wishing your family a happy healthy 2012!



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