November 03, 2011

In Her Own Words - Guest Blogger {Halina @ Moments of a Libra}

This lady's photos make my heart sing. I love the passion she has for art and her encouraging words. Please take a moment to check out her little space..

Hi! Halina from Moments of a Libra here. I'm 26, currently a full time business that loves everything creative, especially photography and painting. Lately I've also found a passion in traveling and not a day goes by without me dreaming about another trip to Italy. I ponder a lot about life (maybe even too much at times). I firmly believe that humans are intrinsically creative beings that need to balance an analytic way of thinking with our intuitive. The last mentioned, I believe, is truly neglected in modern education.

My blog started of as a way for me to share my creative projects with the world, and has developed to a space where I share my everyday thoughts and photos. I have gained so much from blogging in terms of improved photo skills, so this is something that I say to everyone considering becoming better at something they love to do: start a blog today! Just put your projects out there! The beauty of Blogland is that there is always someone there that supports you. 

If you would like to get to know me better, there is nothing more I would love than a visit!

1 comment:

  1. Halina is the best :) One of my favourite bloggers. She takes such amazing photographs!



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