October 23, 2011

Kittens and Terrors

We were adopted yesterday.

Technically our back patio was adopted. This cute little nugget showed up on our back door step yesterday morning and John, being the cat whisperer that he is, excitedly called up the stairs to me.

"Come see! Right now! Look out the backdoor!"

Judging by the urgency in his voice, I thought maybe someone had stolen one of our vehicles.

Nope. Just a kitten hanging out on the doormat. Meowing us to death. I cannot stress enough that another animal is really not a good idea for us right now. Our hands are pretty damn full, but John went into full blown nurturing mode and started setting out food and water and holy crap..it's just so damn cute.

It's a well documented fact that Olivia has inherited her dad's love for cats.

This may be my favorite new picture of Olivia. Messy hair blowing in the wind, happy little smirk on her face, squeezing a kitten to oblivion. What? I'm not crying*.     *(Totally crying.)

Oh the kitten. Yeah, it abandoned us for an old lady walking down the alley yesterday afternoon. 


In other news, Remy has discovered the piano.

Look at the tiny little bird legs on my boy!

I've been having a bunch of 'sentimental cliche' mom moments' this week. Even though the three of them were holy terrors when we were out shopping yesterday and I'm pretty sure they prevented two different parties from sitting in the booth next to us while out to eat Friday night...

I am having so much fun. REALLY! I never, in a million years, would have imagined that my life could look like this at almost 27. 

And really, it's hard work. Do I sometimes want to lock myself in the bathroom and tune everyone out for 20 minutes? Sure. ALL. THE. TIME.

But then there are moments like this..when I can see the love they all have for each other and the fun they have together..

...makes all the work so worth it.


Happy lazy Sunday!


  1. Your photos always sum up your words so well. I think my favorite today was Olivia holding the kitten as well! You kids are so great!

  2. I love the little tippy toes trying to reach the piano keys. So precious!



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