October 30, 2011

In Her Own Words - Guest Blogger {Alicia @ The Better Nester}

Hey y'all! This next lady has more creativity in her pinky than I have in my entire body. Ans she has a cute family to boot. Meet Alicia and as always, make sure you stop by and say hello!

My name is Alicia- stay at home mom, crafter, organizer, DIY-er, nester. I have one beautiful daughter, Adrianne, and one wonderful baby boy on the way. Adrianne is a ball of energy and the smartest baby girl I have ever met. She is so excited to meet her baby brother, Rowan! My soul mate, Michael, is an excellent Daddy and my best friend in the whole world. We met in high school, were torn apart by distance, and returned to each other after graduation. He is my true love, my savior, and my personal shrink. I love my family with all my heart- they are the greatest thing I have ever created by far!

Being a stay at home mom and living in a small, cramped apartment, I am constantly trying to figure out better ways to keep my nest. Organization is a must and efficiency is equally as mandatory. But there is more to a comfortable home than just neatness. We like it to look pretty too! A good nest is a cozy nest, a place you can feel comfortable in and share your happiest memories in. So I have countless hobbies and projects, perfect for creating the comfiest possible home and of course for playing with my little one and helping her grow.

Since I have so many ideas and projects, it only seemed natural to begin sharing them with as many other moms as I could. So I started a blog! It's called The Better Nester, at http://thebetternester.blogspot.com/ My goal is to share everything I know about the art of keeping a nest in an easy to follow way, helping you to become an even better nester than you already are. I make simple step-by-step tutorials, complete with pictures and thorough explanations, along with many posts in between about my experience as a mother, a wife, and a nester.

Who says nesting has to end with your third trimester of pregnancy? This blog is about you and all of the things you can do! I'm just here to share my knowledge. As we all know, motherhood is an ongoing process, one in which we are always learning more and more. The Better Nester is our journey together as mommies, always striving to be the best!


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