September 28, 2011

Nine Whole Months

Today marks nine full months since we welcomed Remy into our family. 

He's changed so much in the past couple weeks or so. Going from a immobile lump of squishy baby to a very mobile lump of squishy baby. Like Miley, he cannot be tamed. (Jokes..I have them.) He follows me around the house babbling, squealing, and being overall the most adorable thing ever.

He's a bottomless pit when it comes to meal time, which is shocking considering how small he is. The child will eat anything and judging by the teeth marks on my end tables, that includes wood.

He's still not sleeping through the night. 

At all. 


Not even a little bit. 

But I think I'll keep him anyways...



  1. He seriously gets cuter every time you post new photos. Fathers lock up your daughters! Remy's gonna get'em!

  2. Remy has the loveliest eyes ever.

    My kids didnt sleep through the night either. I was always a little envious of the other Moms who had good sleepers.

    Your kids are gorgeous.

  3. He is so precious!! And I feel you on the sleeping troubles, man is it tough!!! Our first slept through the night at 5 weeks. Brees is our reminder that kids like that are the exception, NOT the rule! I love his little hat!



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