September 01, 2011

Flashback Friday (coughThursdaycough)

I had typed this whole thing out and was ready to hit publish when I realized that it is Thursday. I'm so discombobulated this week. Oh well, a day early won't kill anything.

This is a little something something I sometimes participate in over on Instagram, but I thought I'd move it on over to the blog this week.

Flashback Friday Thursday: First grade edition

Flashback Friday Thursday: Graduation day edition
(Me, Travis, and Kemosabe. There was also a wee little Owen in my belly in this picture. 
Different story, different day.)

Flashback Friday Thursday: My little brother is going to kill me editon
(Looney Toons and scrunchies and my brother's buckteeth oh my.)

Flashback Friday Thursday: Dancey Dance edition

Hope y'all are having a happy Friday Thursday!
I should probably go take a nap. Or look at a calendar. Either or.

1 comment:

  1. Olivia looks like you :) And your face hasn't changed since you were little. You were beautiful then and you're beautiful now!



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