September 03, 2011

Blogging with Beer

I believe this picture sums up my attitude the past few days.

Glowing. Sweet. Thankful.


I think I know the happenings of the week and finding a new routine have completely wiped me out. Have no fear, the kids have adjusted. And I am too, just more slowly and with a lot more complaining. 

And just so you know, the above picture was snapped after this afternoon's game as Owen was telling me about how bad he smelled.

He was right. Stinky ain't even the word.

Excuse me. I almost spilled my beer after typing that last sentence. LSU just scored a touchdown. (!!!) Blogging while watching SEC football can be hazardous.

Back to what I was saying..our weekend started off with face painting.

Hope the weekend is treating y'all well!


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