August 23, 2011

Worth a Webcam Photo

It was cold enough to wear a scarf this morning.


Sure, it was a light weight scarf and I wore it with a short sleeve shirt and it's going to reach near 80 degrees this afternoon, but IT WAS COLD ENOUGH FOR A SCARF WHEN I WOKE UP!

I am so, so, so ready for Fall. I'm ready to put my harvest decorations out. I'm ready for pumpkin pie and corn mazes and colorful leaves. Growing up in the deep south with only two seasons (hot/hellish and brown) gives you such a huge appreciation of true seasons.

I'm probably jumping the gun a bit. It is only August and technically our summer doesn't end for another week when the kids go to school, but I feel it. Wooot!

7 days. 


Oh the things that excite a stay at home mom. I should get out more.

1 comment:

  1. I feel the same way! Autumn can't get here quickly enough.



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