August 22, 2011

Real Talk

I've been contemplating something that, quite honestly, frightens me. Something that I swore I'd never do. Something I thought I would never be capable or willing to handle.

4 kids.

In the past week, I've caught myself googling phrases like 'pros and cons of four kids.' I know, real smart. Let's consult the internet for life's major decisions. Ha.

It surprises, even myself, that having another child is crossing my mind. Why should we play with fire? We have three healthy children that keep us running. But why do I feel as if I'm not done yet? 

I even came up with my own pros and cons list and to be honest, the cons column read like a list of first world problems. 

"Vacations will be so much more expensive!"
"Two of the kids might have to share a room!"
"I'll have to get a minivan!"
"I'll have to gain and subsequently lose 30 pounds. AGAIN."
"We'll never be able to find a babysitter for four!"

Most pretentious cons list ever.

Here's the thing..I know that at the end of my life, I will not regret the kids I have. But will I regret the one we decided not to have?

Real talk.


  1. Oh, what I wouldn't do for a 4th baby...but it seems God has other plans for our family and I must make our next child a furry one. He just didn't make my body to get pregnant very easily nor cook them long enough. I am with you though, right now I am really wishing a 4th was in the cards. Maybe it is all that sleep Robert is giving me! :)
    If your hubby is in, I say go for it!

  2. My plan is 4......but I havn't gotten started yet and I'll be the dreadful 3-0 in less than 6mths! Of course I say when asked...I'll cross that bridge when I get there! Well, gf, you are on that preverbial "bridge".....I say...Make it your husband's decision = )
    Good luck and I would imagine it is difficult to say no when you have 3 gorgeous children like you have!!!



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