August 02, 2011

A Morning with the Babes

I rarely, if ever, edit photos without music. This morning, a particular song just fit. So, why don't y'all click the little play button and come along with me?

For reasons completely unknown to me, I was blessed with not one, but two children who enjoy sleeping away the mornings. Waking Owen and Livi up before 10AM is like waking up a hungover college freshman for 7AM mass. It ain't happenin. But their ability to sleep in direct sunlight leaves nearly five full hours for me to love up on sweet Remy. We ventured outside for a bit this morning and these are the results.


  1. I love that Crawl the Line onesie and that fourth shot especially. It definitely seems like a 'Rusted Root' kind of day. :)

  2. Hello! I've made it a habit to listen to music when I photograph and it really puts me into a special and more creative mood.These are lovely photos!



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